Towpath Walks in England - The Regents Canal and Two River Navigations.

The "Two Rivers" are The River Stort and the River Lee both of which are called River Navigations since they are navigable by boats for at least part of their journeys and therefore have towpaths. There are 100s of miles of beautiful canal and river towpaths to be found and enjoyed in England whether for boating holidays, walking, cycling, fishing or simply sightseeing. These trails and towpaths are particularly beautiful especially in the Spring with their lovely trees, wild flowers and shrubs as well as plenty of wildlife. Even where the rivers, canals or trails go past or even right through cities and towns, often it's not obvious to know you are within such areas since the way is lined with trees and foliage and thus usually very peacefull.

Features of and about walking along The Regents Canal in London:

Wandering along England's Navigable Rivers - River Lee Navigation and River Stort Navigation:

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