England's Beautiful Countryside - this is near Goring.

England - Walks, Canals, National Trails and The Thames Path.

England has many miles of canals and rivers to visit, towpaths, plus thousands of footpaths and National Trails to wander along.

England enjoys some of the most beautiful countryside and woods you will find anywhere in the world offering excellent walking opportunities. There are several long ancient National Trails - all of which are inter-connected with lot's of well mapped footpaths and tracks - as well as miles of riverside and canal towpath walks to enjoy.
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Visiting Canals, River Navigations and Waterways in England and walking along The Thames Path.

There are 100s of miles of beautiful canals to be found in England whether for boating holidays or for walking, cycling, fishing and sightseeing. Some of these canals are particularly beautiful especially in the Spring with their lovely trees, wild flowers and shrubs as well as plenty of English wildlife -as well as- all the really nice old bridges and interesting old locks and canal buildings.


The beautiful area around Teddington Weirs - River Thames Path, England.Using the canals - cyclists and walkers. Generally the canal towpaths are/should be useable/passable for both walkers and cyclists however you can come across sections where the canal bank has semi-collapsed - this can be a considerable hazard particularly for cyclists. If you see the towpath is overgrown with high growth both sides this usually indicates a collapse has occurred - expect to find holes and often deep mud. There is a speed limit which applies to everyone using England's canals - that is maximum 4mph - this canal towpath speed limit includes cyclists who also need a permit to cycle on some towpaths. Motorised vehicles are not allowed on the canal towpaths unless they need access and they have to have specific permission.
Although the canals are generally not very deep they usually contain a thick layer of mud and also have quite a lot of weed - obviously quite hazardous for young children in particular should they decide to fall in. Perhaps just as potentially hazardous are the canal locks - they have quite deep drops when empty or of course contain many feet of water when filled - most locks do not have guard rails or similar so care should be taken.

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